Magic Sculpture located at http://www.magicsculpture.com is a website devoted to furthering art and sculpture by providing artists and sculptors anatomy resources, online classes, tutorials, chat sessions discussions and more.

Magic Sculpture has a vast library of anatomy models which are posed in a particular manner to assist you in your sculpting efforts.  Magic Sculpture makes use of computer generated 3-d models for this purpose.  The models once accessed can be turned by an artist or sculptor in order to view it from all angles.  This helps tremendously with the artist's or sculptor's sculpting efforts.  In order to access a model, a thumbnail database is available.

The models are presented nude so that it is possible to see the detail of the muscle and bone structure.  If these models were clothed, it would be impossible to see the details required to sculpt a figure realistically.

Magic Sculpture hereby declares that none of these models or the images within the website are pornographic in nature. These do not serve to entice or generate any sexual interest whatsoever.  No sexual acts or poses have been depicted. These have been created, posed and presented only with a view to assist an artist and/or sculptor.

This having been said, Magic Sculpture understands that the concept of nudity is different amongst different people and cultures.  You are therefore requested to enter, access and use the website if.

  • You are not offended by nudity

  • You are not prohibited by law, statute or government regulations to view nudity

  • You are above 18 years of age

Your are furthermore requested not to share your unique log-in details with any third party, group or company.  Models downloaded can be used by you to make tangible pieces of art for your personal or commercial use.  You may not sell, rent or share these models with any third party, group or company.

No model can be extracted, reverse engineered or altered in any manner whatsoever.  The highest level of security is already in place and no attempt to bypass this security by using any third party tools is permitted. 

No 3-d model from this website can be used to create a tangible piece of art or sculpture that serves to propagate or promote acts of perversion, pornography, racism or violence. 



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