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Sculpting with clay

An artist needs inspiration, whether it is in the form of an image or an idea. Here you will find tons to fuel your imagination and assist you in the creation of unique one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  

Magic Sculpture gives you access to an expansive and expanding pose library containing 3 dimensional models of the human form.

Wouldn't you like to have a live model in your studio?  Something you can turn around and view from every angle to help you sculpt detail with precision?

The virtual pose library allows you to do just that. You can view a 3 dimensional model from every side and angle. You can zoom in and out to see every detail. Print only the views you require to help you with your sculpting.

Tatiana Tofaneto of Doll Essence offers a fantastic tutorial on sculpting a female body using Magic Sculpture models. You also receive a 20% discount on Magic Sculpture if you purchase her tutorial.

tutorial on sculpting a female body

Ann Orminski created this amazing sculpture using a Magic Sculpture model:

sculpting clay

Roxanne Hunter of Sierra's Treasures created this fantastic child fairy, using a Magic Sculpture model. You can see the work in progress photograph and the finished sculpture below.

sculpting clay


sculpting clay


What's new:

We now have over 2000 poses for you to view and interact with. 

Please register for free with the website to access 10 demo models you can use for your sculpting. The demo models are a good way to test if you will be able to interact with the models in 3-d. If you can interact with the demo models you should have no problems with the models in the member section.

Take a look at the tutorials.  I will try and keep this section updated as I work on more sculptures. For now though, my primary focus will be the virtual pose library because it is the most important section of the website.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.


Please note that in order to present the human figure accurately, the pages of this website contain nudity.  This is important for a sculptor because he or she needs to see each part of the figure to be able to sculpt it properly.  Whilst the level of nudity is mild and does not contain anything graphic or pornographic, we respect that different people and different cultures view nudity differently.  If you are offended by nudity, please do not click on or browse the pages of this website. 

Not a member? Visit our library section to learn more or sign up. Note that your username should be lowercase only. Also, open the models in Adobe Reader, not in your browser, or the 3D movement won't work.

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